Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doofus for hire: "Do as I say, not as I do."

I swore to myself and my long suffering friends that this blog would be a 100% politics-free zone, but today's news that former mayor C. Ray Nagin has set up a management consulting practice with offices 26 floors above Poydras Street and has also signed with a top-flight Washington speakers bureau is just too rich to let pass. Besides, haven't you all been concerned for his whereabouts and career prospects?

The new firm is called CNR Initiatives -- that's "C" for Clarence,  "R" for Ray, "N" for Nadir, Narcissist, Numbskull, Nitwit, No-account, Nothing-burger, etc. etc. -- and offers an awesome store of expertise including "disaster recovery advice and management; Internet communications (in league with disgraced kleptocratic tech czar Greg Meffert); radio, TV and movie development; green technology research and development," and on and on. Sounds great, Ray, now about that day rate...

Meanwhile, Keppler Speakers in D.C. is flogging Ray's "first-person insights into effective crisis management" for that all-important board retreat you've been planning. Supremely original dumb-ass remarks such as "I'm a vagina-friendly Mayor" come as lagniappe, I suppose.


  1. anyone else having trouble leaving a comment?

  2. Yes, I'm having trouble commenting. But if you get this, love the post.
    You're getting the hang of blogging real Fast Arturo

  3. I had an "OMG" moment when I read this in the paper but quickly recovered. This is classic Ray Nagin, after all.

    Your blog looks great!

  4. I think you should post political material, so don't let some silly promise stop you. Did he really say he was a vagina friendly mayor? I can't imagine he'll get a lot of speaking engagements. By the way, I cooked dinner for your kids and watched a movie with them tonight. They are crashed in my living room as I type this.

  5. Yes Lar, he really did say that among a million or so other stupid comments in the public record. Can you imagine what the private conversations are like? Incidentally, this post has had the most readers of all in my short blogging career. Anyone who Googles "Ray Nagin consulting" or "CNR initiatives" winds up here. (For Ray's sake, I hope they're not potential clients.) So maybe I should do politics from time to time. I'll think about it.

    Thanks for harboring Lucien and Simon. Hope they're behaving. Miss the little rats here.