Sunday, July 4, 2010

An invocation

How to begin? How else. Sing to me, sweet Calliope! From time to time, as you wish, dear Muse, for my aims are modest. Nothing epic or lyric. Some occasional mispronouncing about life in our beloved New Orleans, my family and friends, the big world out there.
But hark, sweet Inspiration! Don't you live here too? In divine sisterhood along the shabby lower reaches of St. Charles Avenue? Forgive the Homeric apostrophes. I'll keep it simple. I know nothing about blogs or blogging. Can you just help me out here, Dawlin'?


  1. Dearest Arthur, Thanks for the invocation. You'll have fun with this, I'm sure. Call on me anytime, except for help with HTML. We Muses never bothered to learn that crap, nor should you. Your Sweet Dawlin', Calliope

  2. So, is it mispronounced Du-FAW-sat or DU-fo-sat Street? Inquiring minds and muses want to know. Good luck with the blog, Arthur. Fun idea!