Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sauce piquante: In praise of women who blog

"I long to hear that you have declared an independency,” Abigail Adams wrote to John on March 31, 1776 just as her husband and his Founding Father cronies in Philadelphia were getting down with the idea of starting a new country. “And, by the way, in the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make, I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors.”

To use John’s favorite pet adjective, methinks the “saucy” Mrs. Adams would have made a great blogger if Ben Franklin had invented the Internet long before a certain crazed sex poodle of this era.

Abigail’s wonderful letters surfaced from memory this morning as I did a little housekeeping on the blog roll in the lower right column. It suddenly occurred to me that that all the blogging voices I admire and proudly follow in public, save one –- my dear friend, Arthur Einstein, the advertising guru and original “Mad Man” –- belong to women.

Why? I honestly don’t know. Perhaps someone will comment on my feeling that women do better at this medium than men. In the meantime, I urge you, dear readers, to take leave of Calliope Street immediately and hear what they have to say. Smart, funny, insightful, sometimes inspiring, and refreshingly, in a neo- or post-feminist way, saucy.  


  1. Thanks ArturoNO for the nice words. I am pretty much gender blind when it comes to bloggers - but cleave to the ladies in a variety of matters - I suspect they'd do a better job of governing than men - and not so much taken with puffing themselves except when the society of males (Congress) makes it necessary. I prefer them as doctors and lawyers, though draw the line at truck driving and open pit mining.
    However I shall heed your advice and read some.

  2. Great Posting Yous!
    Been drinking seriously premium rum tonight so I can't figure out your subscription thingy. Tooo many choices!
    Hell, I can barely type at this point.
    Economy of Scale is severely overrated.
    Particularly enjoyed "Caught Him With A Corndog" too.

    Don't know how long you've lived there, but I've delivered food to every corner of Bur-GUN-dy Street and Esplanade Avenue

    Got you hanging on the Ladder though. HA!
    Y'just never know eh?

    Thanks youz,
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  3. Good comments, gents.

    To ArturoNY, appreciate wider observations on gender. As we say in NOLA, "You are da mensch, man."

    To N.O. Ladder,
    Glad you liked Corn Dog; liked your blog roll too. Will be back to yours soon and signing up.

  4. Arthur, I've been thinking about the time I spend on my blog, why I do it, and what would be the equivalent of blogging in the olden days.

    It's not quite letter-writing, not a diary, although some of what I write is similar to a diary. In the end, I couldn't come up with an equivalent from times past.

    Anyway, thanks for your kind words about lady bloggers.

  5. Merci Grandmere,
    I really enjoyed the visit to your site and wish we had met in person on Friday. It's a small world we live in, and getting smaller.