Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty Plantations All in a Row

I've always admired the 18th century plantation houses on Moss Street with their West Indian style, hipped roofs and graceful second floor galleries. For some reason, I thought there were only three. But on an early evening walk on Bayou St. John today, I discovered two more. I felt like an amateur astronomer finding a new comet or asteroid. More astonishing was that these houses are all within four blocks of each other. 

I was so glad I brought my camera. So here they are, starting from the Esplanade side of Moss Street:

Old Plantation New Orleans
Number 1: The Pitot House, built around 1800.
Number 2: The Rectory of Holy Rosary R.C. Church.
Bayou St. John homes
Number 3: This one was new to me, but it's been there since 1784 tucked away on the corner of Grand Route St. John.
Number 4: I had dinner in this house once, a guest of the former owners. It's every bit as elegant on the inside.
Number 5: And how did I miss this beauty for so long? Hiding in plain sight at Dumaine and Moss.


  1. Oh my! All the houses are lovely. I'm pleased you had your camera, Arthur. What a treat!

  2. when i was a little girl, i used to daydream about living in The Pitot House.
    lovely post, arthur. i'm so impressed with your blog.

  3. #3 is the Old Spanish Custom House. in the picture you can see sitting on the side of the house is the oldest fire hydrant in the city.

  4. Thanks, Ryan, good eye. How old is that fire hydrant? Still working, we hope.

  5. Speaking of astronomy, we recently received a meteor shower from the tail-end of Haley's comet this past full moon. We made lots of wishes that night ;-) Cool find C.S.!

  6. Hello! I am currently writing a story and I was wondering, as a plantation lover, if you happen to know of any areas in Florida that may have abandoned plantations that would also happen to sit on or near a bayou? I would normally use LA for such a scene, because of its natural beauty and ideal location for the type of setting I'm looking for, however, my story is a Fantasy novel and, lets face it, fantasy has been done to death is LA. Any and all help would be MUCH appreciated. Much love from Colorado!