Thursday, November 25, 2010

Clothes Horses

What a delightful opening day this was at Fairgrounds! I loved everything about it -- the paddock, the post parade, the beautiful sights and sounds of horses running on green turf. It doesn't get much better. And I came home $28 to the good, thanks to Populist Politics, No. 9 up there on the left. The irony was too rich not to bet him.

The people watching was wonderful too, especially in the grandstands where the Thanksgiving Day dress code is ever and thankfully, slightly outrageous. I loved these handmade paper hats on the girls, and admired the peacock nonchalance of the guys.    
hats hat strange lady

Fairgrounds Race Course

Papier mache hat

Racetrack New Orleans


  1. Art, looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. As for me, watched The Vikings with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas. Doesn´t get too much better. Missed the family though, but christmas awaits.

  2. Odin, Odin! Send da wind to turn da tide. Odin, Odin! Send da wind to turn da tide...

  3. Great photos, Arthur. I think my favorite has to be the guy in the mustard suit. Wow!

  4. PS: My word verification was "swatific", which is an excellent description of your post.

  5. @ Mimi My Gershwin songbook says "'S Wonderful" that you liked the pix. Thanks!