Saturday, November 13, 2010

Plague Season

There is something really nasty going around New Orleans lately. Nearly everybody I know is coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and generally feeling like crap. Your blogger was down for three weeks in this condition and incapable of posting anything you might want to read. 

I swear the only thing that restored me was a plate of Dr. No's Radioactive Sushi at a Japanese restaurant several hundred miles north of the center of infection. If you've suffered enough and desperately seek a cure, I will reveal the location.

Meanwhile, it's great to be back, dear readers!     


  1. Arthur, three weeks? That's a long time to feel like crap. I'm glad you're feeling better. So far, the nasty has not reached us, but with all the traffic back and forth, it probably will.

  2. Art, did not know you were feeling poorly. Wishing you some good health.

  3. oh arthur! i have missed you! i'm so sorry to hear you had a nasty bug. please be sure to not relapse - you know how horrible that can be.

    you must disclose your secret sushi restaurant!
    it looks marvelous! (nice sweater)
    my first guess is: Derek Chang's Koto in Baton Rouge.


  4. To Mimi, Di & Termite...
    Many thanks for kind solicitations. Advice: Avoid all contact with humans, doorknobs, lavatories, etc. You don't want to get this thing.
    Revealed truth...
    1. Radioactive Sushi by "Sake Sushi" in a strip mall in Shreveport; excellent place run by former New Orleanian (Japanese too) who fled after Katrina.
    2. Sweater by Bloomingdeals on Freret ($3.00)

  5. It must have the wasabi! That stuff will burn the bad germs right out of you. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  6. So glad to have you back & feeling better. I heard there was something going around but I guess it hasn't made it's way across the river yet. Keeping fingers crossed!