Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Mass Turkey Fry in Metairie

I found these images on my screen this morning from the cellphone camera of Chriss Knight, the delightful early morning news diva at ABC Channel 26. They record the process of deep frying 600 turkeys -- that's right, 600 turkeys! -- by the Krewe of Carrollton at a Lions Club hall on Metairie Road. 

Chriss is such a trooper and so good at what she does that her four-part series on industrial-scale turkey frying -- that's right, four parts! -- is as fun and fascinating as anything you'll see on Modern Marvels (see link below). But looking at these photos, don't you think there's also something slightly bizarre going on here? 
Sixteen pots of oil have been heating since 3 a.m. Krewe members call it "the grease." 
 Before going in the grease, the birds are injected with Tony Chachere's Liquid Artery Clog.
Let there be propane! I count ten tanks. How many can you find?
 Love that purple caste around the legs and thighs. Yum!
It takes about an hour to fry each bird, three to a pot. They begin to look really delicious at this point, degreasing on piles of the Times-Picayune. Great job, Krewe of Carrollton! 
And now, here's the TV story. Thanks, Chriss, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!,0,3953092.story


  1. Dear Readers,
    Your blogger apparently has a lot to learn about live links to something like Chriss' story. Sorry, you may have to cut and paste this one.

  2. I've wanted to try but have never had deep-fried turkey. My resident chef is not a fan, and he says deep-frying a turkey in an apartment kitchen could be dangerous.

  3. Warms the heart to see the Times-Picayune being put to good use ;-)

  4. @Kate. The resident chef is a wise man.
    @Red. Who said print was dead?

  5. I see eleven tanks,

    Thank you.