Sunday, December 19, 2010

Favorite Season(s)

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day (gray and cold) in my favorite season in New Orleans (not really winter, not really fall). The leaves have finally turned here, a little late this year. Not brilliantly as they do up north, but  softly. Rust is the prevailing color, mixed with amber.
   I was headed out the door to run some Saturday morning errands when I was struck by the cypress and crepe myrtle trees along Esplanade Avenue. I turned right back and got my camera. 
On the 900 block of Esplanade.

Port o' call New Orleans
Same block, opposite direction.
I fetched the car and headed out Esplanade. How many times have I passed the Gayarre Triangle and never stopped? 
Cypress and live oaks along South Carrolton Avenue.
Huey P. Long Bridge Avondale
Over the Huey P. Long Bridge, under the train trestle in Avondale.
     Note to readers: I try to lead a purpose-driven life. Lest you think I spend all my Saturdays wandering around musing on "mists and mellow fruitfulness" and such, there was a reason why I left the cozy urbanity of my neighborhood for wild West Bank. All is revealed in the post immediately following.   


  1. awe. you just brought back a flood of memories, A. :)
    my grandparents home was just blocks from Gayarre Triangle. after they passed we lived in the home. when i was very little i used to call Gayarre Triangle the Chinese house. (i have no idea why, i just did)
    great photos!