Friday, December 24, 2010

Lions in Winter

What's wrong with this picture? It's December 24, Christmas Eve, that's what's wrong. Where are the the big beautiful Christmas wreaths hanging on the lions outside the Main Library on Fifth Avenue? Behind the library, Bryant Park is a warren of commercial activity, and every crappy stall is dripping with green garlands and tasteful little white lights. What about Patience and Fortitude out front? Needless to say, they're looking a lot less cheerful this season.
   But there is joy among the nanny state code enforcers who make my make visits here a little less entertaining every time. As one bien-pensant New Yorker wrote to the New York Times this morning:
If in the fact the board omitted the wreaths because they are a symbol of Christmas then that would be a very good thing. The NY Public Libraries operate with tax dollars and should eschew all symbols of all religions.
   And while we're at it, let's just eschew all happiness.


  1. From the NYPL's Web site, here's how the lions got their names:
    "Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia used to conclude his colorful radio broadcasts with the words "Patience and Fortitude" to give solace and strength to his listeners, while acknowledging the hard times they faced. Mayor LaGuardia also nicknamed The New York Public Library’s lions Patience and Fortitude for the qualities he felt New Yorkers needed to survive the Great Depression. Those great lions have endured, as has the Library. Let’s hope the qualities have endured, as well."

  2. I get to eschew the public library now that home internet has been installed. WOOT! AND I've still got my C_______ tree up.

  3. Merry C_____________, Red! And thanks for the always fresh perspective on these eschews.

  4. And a Happy New Year to you ;-D