Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nice. Big. Fat.

   Your man about town was on a mission: Acquire fixin's for a pot of gumbo. That's why I crossed o'er the river to the seafood markets on Bayou Segnette in Marrero. Mission accomplished in short order, and on the cheap. Except it took me a while to decide if should I go for the BIG shrimp, or save a few quarters and make do with the NICE ones. 
   No time for captions. Gotta go kill, crack, and pick the half-dozen FAT crabs I bought for $1.25 a piece.  
Louisiana gumbo crabs
Seafood markets New Orleans


  1. Beautiful, beautiful crabs!

  2. Alas, Kate, there is. Roux out of a jar (yep, they sell it down here); pitiful frozen "gumbo crabs" minus all the innards and flavors (no fresh crab fat and she-crab roe to throw in the pot with everything else); headless de-veined shrimp, etc. Easy, but not very good...A.

  3. @ Kate D. Beautiful, beautiful and cheap too! Thanks for stopping by C. Street,