Sunday, January 2, 2011

1.1.11 Ain't We Got Fun

After the painful attack of acute paronychia, the long hours in the emergency room and mercifully quick surgery at Oschner on New Year’s Eve, I was ready for fun on New Year’s Day.
   My friend and neighbor Georgia was fixing up a good-luck supper of ham, black-eyed peas and cabbage. So c'mon over, and how about we take in a movie first? The King’s Speech at Canal Place, four o’clock show? Capital idea! Let’s go! 
  We hook up with Penny and head out. 
First stop, Penny and Georgia share Hand Grenades with giant tourists on Bourbon Street. Do you think this vile drink contains growth hormones?
Used Book Stores French Quarter
Along the way, a New Year's visit with Russell -- bookseller, psychotherapist, and all-around good guy -- outside his shop on Orleans Street.
Holiday moviegoers at Canal Place.
   It was dark when we left "the theaters," and a cold front had pushed through. But the walk back was just as fun. The sidewalks were packed with visitors (locals too), the bars and restaurants looked warm and inviting, and the shop windows on Royal Street intriguing.
The side room at Napoleon House, through a window.
A birthday guy and his pals in from Chicago.
Royal Street Antiques New Orleans French Quarter
More groovy headgear and a resolution: Get myself new pickelhaube with double-headed imperial eagle for New Year's 2012.
    The boys join us back at Georgia's place, a beautifully unrestored(!) 1820 Creole cottage. She's a terrific cook and hostess -- the "Perle Mesta of Dauphine Street," I call her. We all feel at home.
Simon helps in the kitchen.

Lucien communes with Chappy, the rabbit.

Dishes cleared away, more good table talk.
   All of a sudden, it's late. We take our leave and head home -- Simon and me on foot, Lucien on his new Christmas skateboard. I bought us a big flat screen TV for the "man/kid cave" in the back of the house, to which we retire and watch holiday marathons of the Three Stooges and The Twilight Zone until we fall asleep. 


  1. What a fantabulous time!

    "Get myself new pickelhaube with double-headed imperial eagle for New Year's 2012."

    You MUST get this.

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better!
    This was a fun read - nice pics.