Friday, January 21, 2011

Bears v. Packers

Soldier Field, Chicago
  I'm not the football fan I once was, which was casual at best. But I'm really looking forward to Bears v. Packers this Sunday, and thinking back: Lombardi, Ditka, Hornung, Butkus, Nitschke, Payton...just in my lifetime. But these two teams have been going at it since 1921, dumplins, 1-9-2-1! There's something ancient and Homeric about all this, like that big Bronze Age duke-out on the plains of Troy.
  It's two degrees in Chicago as I write, and it's supposed to warm up to around 17 on game day. Perfect! I'll be watching on the new hi-def TV in the new Man-Kid Cave in the back of the house. Rooting for the Bears this time; for the Jets in the nightcap.  


  1. My friend is thinking it will be The Jets vs. Green Bay this year.

  2. And here's a short history of the rivalry in today's Wall Street Journal: