Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random Bloggy Goodness

Sorry there hasn't been much to see on Calliope Street lately, so please wander off this reservation and find great amusement among blogging friends. I loved these recent posts: 
  • Red the Corndog Gal's quick pix and fun comments on spinner wheels and pick-up trucks in Houston.
  • Libby's guide to termite gear and wardrobe.
  • Grandmere Mimi's fascinating story on corseting extras in Abraham Lincoln: Vampyre Hunter shooting here in N'awlins.
  Nancy at Nanarama is the latest name on "Kindred Spirits" over to the right and deserves marquee status. She has created "a special world, indeed." I promise you'll enjoy everything she writes about everything.
  Finally, a shout-out to dearest Kate in Brooklyn who's gone 9-to-5 and is sorely missed.  Your snow and skyline pix are always wonderful. But I'm guessing spring is starting to pop in Prospect Park right about now. Hope you'll keep us posted, Kate!           


  1. Thanks, Arthur. liked the corset story?

  2. I did, Mimi, and hope your daughter got "combat pay" for that day's work. As an aside, I met the location scouts for this movie a few months back and the they seemed more than normally obsessed with period details. Came away thinking: "This is a Merchant-Ivory production, not Hollywood vampire flick."

  3. Ah! I'm just now seeing this. Been trying to pull longer shifts at work to bring home some more scratch. Thanks for the featurette my friend :-D