Friday, April 22, 2011

My Dream Drug

Props to Pfizer Labs for developing a marvelous new pharmaceutical, Chantix. It has both curbed my on-again, off-again urge to smoke and souped up my dream life beyond belief. I so enjoy this side effect that I can't wait to fall asleep at night. This morning, I woke up in the middle of a long and vivid dream about the P-38 Lightning fighter plane of World War II. I was the plane, I was the pilot and, in one terrifying Technicolor sequence, I was the enemy! 
   I wonder if any researchers are looking into the potential of Chantix to enhance human imagination and creativity in our waking hours? It's a Brave New World.


  1. I quit cold turkey about 4 weeks ago - no drugs. The scary side-effects on their commercials always freak me out! Glad to hear it is working for you.

  2. Kate, congratulations! How about Ron? Did he quit too? A.

  3. I've heard from friends about the fantastic dreams from Chantix. Congrats on quitting! My anniversary is coming up in June.

  4. what a wonderful side affect! i'd be in bed every night by 9.
    wait.. i am in bed every night by 9. ;-)

    big congrats to you A. for doing what i believe is one of the hardest habits to break (i'm very familiar) -- as i tell all my friends, don't wait till the doc gives you the bad news.
    it really stinks.


  5. @ Termite. Just refilled my scrip although I think I really don't need the stuff any more. That should tell you somethin'
    @ Mermaid. Happy upcoming anniversary, "one day at a time..."