Friday, April 29, 2011

New Orleans Online

JazzFest crowds
10:17 AM, Galatoire's, Bourbon Street. It's the first day of JazzFest. Still, it's Friday and we're lining up -- proxies for hire, law firm runners, and some nice people actually waiting for their lunch.
10:42 AM, Walgreen's, Iberville Street. Four busy checkout lines, folks buying sunscreen and other festival essentials. I liked the little chapeau perched on this lady's head. A rare understatement this morning.

Whitney Bank Morgan Branch
11:20 AM, Whitney Bank, Chartres Street. This is Sol Berman, owner of Jack's Metal Arts, the custom lantern makers on Decatur Street. I got in line behind him after taking this shot and learned all about lanterns and all about his dad, Jack, a Holocaust survivor who founded the company in 1959. 
Tourists in New Orleans
2:37 PM, Opposite Rouse's, Royal Street. These people are listening raptly to two Asian street musicians -- cello and guitar -- playing the theme from Masterpiece Theater. Someone please explain this to me.

New Orleans feral cats
2:45 PM, Gift Shop, Chartres Street. The proprietor's cat looking for customers. Line forms to the left.


  1. I guess Mr. Berman doesn't have an ATM card either. What is it about you folks who bank at Whitney? I think you LIKe to stand in lines.

  2. Fess up, Lar, you'd trade your ATM in a heartbeat to idle away the hours in an 1830s bank lobby like Whitney's. Wouldn't you? Besides, you get to schmooze with nice people like Sol.