Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Summer Cold Snap in New Orleans

   We had a freak cold snap here yesterday, temperatures plunging into the high 80s and low humidity. Perfect weather for a late evening swim and weenie roast at Pontchartrain Beach. The kids built this awesome driftwood fire, which was just going strong when the Orleans Parish Levee Board police showed up with bullhorns and chased us away.
   Let's go get a sno-ball, I suggested. Nah, Lucien said, sno-balls are for daytime, "we eat ice cream at night."
   So we packed up, piled into the car -- two sons, cousin Ninette, and a dear friend and charming companion -- and headed over to an ice cream parlor on South Carrollton Avenue. It's a good thing Simon wore his Russian hat; kept his ears warm, I suppose, and warded off brain freeze.
Comrade Simon and Cousin Ninette.


  1. Art, loved the fire and sounds like a memorable evening. When the kids get older they will recall the night that the cops chased them for an illegal bonfire and laugh.

  2. Di, the cops chase us every time! What a drag! A.

  3. A. - Lucien is right on here. he knows when to eat certain foods. :-)
    i loved Simon's hat. Thing -2 used to wear his Russian hat all the time, year round.

    you are so, so blessed A. you really are.


  4. @ Termite. 2 boys = Twice the fun. We are both so blessed. Thx, A.