Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feast on the cheap

I'm feeling a whole lot better about surviving the worldwide financial collapse and coming Great Depression II after a grand dinner for four last night that cost all of five bucks maybe.
   A charming (and extremely wise and frugal) companion dropped by with a brace of "pork steaks," plucked from Matassa's meat cases at $1.59 a pound. In normal times, I would have passed on this unpromising cut from the lowest end of a pig as the vilest form of trefe, but the C.C. knew exactly how to fix things. She blasted away all the fat and gristle over the hottest coals -- my God, you should have seen the flames! -- then smothered everything with KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce to slow cook with the lid down. Smokin' damned delicious they were, I must say.
   For sides, she threw together a salad of sliced red onion and cucumber, and I made a pot of Wal-Mart "Great Value" brand quick grits sprinkling in fresh-cut kernels from two ears of corn, chopped green onions, and some shredded Monterey Jack. These were served on white Limoges with gilt trim, a very pretty sight.
   The evening began with G & T's made with Gordon's gin and Wal-Mart tonic. I never serve top-shelf gin to my guests on the theory that the downtrodden sots and slatterns of Hogarth's day appreciated what I'm just beginning to learn, that cheap is good. Here's to more fun times in downgraded double-A-rated America!           


  1. Sharing cookery and meal with a charming companion sits near the top of my favorite pastimes. Thanks for the post and congratulations on your evening.

  2. Southern comfort food served up on Limoges, a concept we share. Interrupting my reread of Tom Jones, I wonder if we are alone in our dining style, or are there others from the old neighborhood that eat a sardine sandwich on fine French porcelain.

  3. "Great Value" makes the best grits evah! I'm impressed that you confess to shopping at Wal-Mart. ;)

  4. Great Value makes a lotta great stuff! And I'm impressed with the Mermaid's five ideas for a better life. Now I'm gonna get off this damned computer and go read something. Thanks!

  5. @ Bob. Thanks for checking in from faraway Manhattan.
    @ Suzy. Just ate my King Olaf sardine sandwich on a paper plate. Drank milk from the bottle. So much for our ritzy ways...