Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ode to an Abandoned Bicycle

bicycles French Quarter New Orleans Buffa's
Little bike outside my door,
You’ve been there a month or more,
Tell me who you’re waiting for.

Where’s your rider? Lemme think.
Gone to Buffa’s for a drink?
Mugged a tourist, in the clink?

Oh, I wish I had the key
To unlock the lock and set you free
To roll the streets of Marigny!


  1. Arthur, your wee ode is wonderful. I hope someone comes soon to rescue the little bike, and restore its seat to the proper place.

  2. Blessings on thee, Mimi, glad you liked it.

  3. This is grand. I've shared and slapped it up all over my places!

  4. Thanks, Glenn, I enjoy your life in the Quarter too.

  5. A poem entitled, The Happy Ending

    Bike so sad, she needs a butt,
    to fit the missing seat.
    Bike so glad, in no more rut,
    her owner, she did greet.

  6. Arturo - nice crack at one of the myriad mysteries that crowd the day. REally made me laugh.

  7. Thanks, Arturo, 'twas my first crack at poetry since high school! Arturo

  8. You have a good attitude about it... those kinds of things sometimes drive us crazy instead of inspiring sweet poems. thanks, sp

  9. Just opened my door and noticed that someone had swiped the rubber handlebar grips on the orphaned bike. This will be a long and sorrowful story of disintegration I fear.

  10. Now he belongs to the ages ...

  11. The owner of the bike is probably locked down in ORLEANS PARISH PRISON?

  12. Also make sure you lock your tire to the frame of the bike, and the bike frame to the bike rack.

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