Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Canal Street, late afternoon

Your blogger's mouse was on the fritz and, after many weeks of not blogging, he felt like blogging. What to do? Walk up to the Radio Shack on Canal Street and get him a new mouse. Good idea, blog-daddy-o. Bring the camera? Why not. Hey, you know what, Canal Street can be pretty interesting on a late fall afternoon. He reports, you decide.  

Cana Street New Orleans


  1. your third photo is amazing. I'd love to have your permission to paint it. the lines are breathtaking.

    xoxoxoxoxooooooo ;-)

  2. Thanks, Libs, I'm truly flattered. Permission granted and I'd love to see the painting if you do one. Tell you what else...I took a bunch of facade and skyline shots today. I'll e-mail you a few of the better ones and you can photoshop and get just the views you like. This one is of Adlers. Who knew they little lions up there?
    Your, A.